How long will fabrication of my custom item take?

15 to 25 business days from the time your proof is finalized and payment is received.

Do you ship international?

Yes. A large part of our business is International. We can quote you a shipping charge for your location.

How do I know I am getting the logo I want?

We will draw you an art proof and will not start on the item until the customer approves an art proof.

I have a design or idea. Can you help draw it?

Yes. We will help you with your artwork and idea. 

I have a stock seat or my own seat pan. Can you recover it?

Yes. We would need to know the seat pans shape, size and hopefully see a picture of it in order to give you accurate quote. 

I need a quote for a custom leather item.

Just let us know what you need. If you do not see something in our shop section of this website then contact us with your needs. 

What is the difference between stamped leather and hand tooled?

Check out our video on the home page. We hand tool our leather with a leather shader and a mallet. Stamped leather is just a stamp of a design pressed into leather. Most of what you see being sold as tooled leather is just stamped leather. This is a sore spot for true leather craftsmen. 

What kind of leather do you use?

The best. We usually use 4-8 oz Veg Tanned Brazilian Sides for our leather. We hand select all of our leather from a local shop. Each custom item requires it's own pattern and leather. 

How does the leather hold up and is it comfortable?

The answer is that the leather will hold up and last forever and will maintain its color and shape if you take care of it. The seats are as comfortable as your bike is made. You can choose the foam thickness and style of pan to fit your comfort needs on any of the custom seats.

I need a specific set up for my bag or pillion pad? I need something specific.

This, is why we are here. Custom, requires the customer and Birdmans to communicate. A back and forth is going to happen to get you what you need. So contact us. We can figure it out and get you what you want. 

Custom Service

We want to work with you and all of our customers. We enjoy the back and forth and getting excited about your build and your bike or needs. It is fun to share and network and become friends with customers. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. If we do not have answer we can probably find an answer. 

Our office and business manager.

Yes, Our office manager Dawn is just as hot as her accent. Yes, customers call just to hear her talk. Plus she knows more about motorcycle seats and taking care of customers than anyone you will find.